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Happy Father’s Day

This weekend will be challenging for some but joyful for others. Most are celebrating Father’s Day with their Dad’s, Grandfather’s, Uncle’s or significant male role models they look up to. My family lost our patriarch six years ago. I know my son, mom, sisters, nieces, nephew and cousins miss him as much as I do but I also know how many others miss him as well. My Dad shared his love with so many. For that I’m grateful because his legacy lives on in others.

I’ll never forget the call I got from Momma saying he had passed. We had prepared for months for this day but when it arrives you are never ready. Family meetings, phone calls, doctor visits… I live six hours away but every other weekend I made an attempt to physically be present. You are never ready. No matter how strong you think you are or how many times you tell yourself “you got this.” It was a punch in the gut…something I never felt before. I lost my grandad when I was eight and my brother passed just a few months shy of his 40th but this was Daddy. The person I went to when I had doubts, when I didn’t know where to turn, the person who gave me encouragement or just even for a good laugh. Yes, I like to think we had that special bond.

I share with friends and family that loosing a parent never gets easy. Whoever said time will heal is either lying or not dealing with the reality of their feelings. I had to learn to give myself permission to hurt, grieve and most importantly, feel. The best thing to do is to remember all the good times and always channel the positive energy that’s with you in spirit.

I hope these words help someone who may be feeling a little down or lonely this weekend. Just remember that those who have gone on are always with us in our hearts and spirit. Looking over us and continuing to support us in whatever life brings our way.

Happy Father’s Day!

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