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Happy Mother’s Day

Camellia’s Prom circa 1975

Being the youngest of four and the youngest granddaughter (maternal and paternal), you are never absent from your choice of Mothers. I wrote a special open letter to my mom on her birthday but today I celebrate yet an another amazing woman in my life.

My oldest sister is 13 years older than me, and whether or not she believes this, I intensely watched her every move growing up, from the funky full Afro and platform shoes to her eccentric jewelry pieces. She was a diva and fashionista even before it was a "thing." I loved playing dress-up in her clothes and high heels. It was not hard for things to fit my 5-6-year-old self because I have always been a little larger than average. This is how I learned to master my heel walking skills to this day.

She was a musician, artist, and writer. I like to think I picked up these traits (minus the musical talent - that did not go well at all) from her. She's always encouraged my passion for art and creativity.

However, the most memorable times with my sister were when she would do motherly things—taking my other sister and me to the movies, circus, polishing my nails, doing my hair, or buying kids' albums. I would sit hours by the record player listening to fairytale storytime books or the Muppets or Sesame Street LPs (some of you may remember what those were). The most special times were picking us up in her car - from school. I had a big sister with her own car! That gave me bragging rights!

I share this story today because many motherly figures in our lives are often forgotten or overlooked. Who are the mothers in your life? Acknowledge them today; we have one life to live and should embrace every moment with gratitude.

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