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National Lipstick Day! July 29, 2021

YES! There really is a day for EVERYTHING! Who knew that there was even a ‘thing’ called National Lipstick Day. Well, there is and this year it is TODAY, July 29!

The history of lipstick is quite boring after I did a little research. The first to invent and wear lipstick dates back 5,000 years to ancient Sumerian men and women. They crush gemstone to decorate their faces, mainly on the lips and around the eyes. Most famously, Cleopatra and other Egyptians during that time used crush bugs to paint their lips red.

Up until the late 16th century, the Christian church banned lip coloring. They connected it to Satan, lower classes, and prostitutes. But Christians are non-judgmental, right? Okay, we’ll save that conversation for another day. However, during the reign of Queen Elizabet, bright red lips became fashionable! Made from beeswax and red stained plant, lipstick was reserved only for high society females and actresses.

A French cosmetic company, Guerlain, became the first commercial manufacturer of lipstick. It was made from deer tallow, castor oil, beeswax, and then covered it in silk paper.

By 1912, Fashionable American women accepted lipstick as an important part of their daily and public attire. And in the 30’s, Max Factor invented lip gloss lipstick.

American actresses including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor popularized dark red lips in the 50s. Their influence, and new inventions by the companies Gala, Max Factor created new colors and trends.

Before the 1970s, makeup shades for Black females were limited. Neither Face makeup or lipsticks were not produced or marketed to dark skin type. However, more companies ventured into makeup that focused on richer skin tones Popular companies like Astarté, Afram, Libra, Flori Roberts and Fashion Fair made reasonably priced cosmetics to tap into this once considered “unique” market share.

Today, across the globe, lipstick or lip color is an important part of almost everyone’s daily beauty routine. There’s no favorite color, specific hue or trend you must adhere to. Various lip colors can add fun to any look or wardrobe.

Mary Kay® offers several types of lip colors in lipsticks and glosses in many eye- popping shades. These products also deliver extra health benefits.

  • Mary Kay® Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick and Gel Semi-Shine Lipstick offers long-lasting color, full coverage and comfort. Sunflower seed oil and jojoba butter are key ingredients to help condition lips.

  • Mary Kay® True Dimensions Lipstick is intensely moisturizing and smoothing. Infused with advanced skincare ingredients such as Vitamin E, the formula smoothes fine lines and helps lips look fuller while providing moisture and endless comfort.

  • Mary Kay® Unlimited Lip Gloss is non-sticky, non- tacky. It applies smoothly and stays that way. The formula is pleasantly lightweight and come in three finishes -— cream, pearl and shimmer — take you from work to play. It also has a subtle vanilla flavor and formulated with vitamins C and E.

Through August 15 – buy one lipstick, gloss or Satin Lips set at full price and receive a second lipstick or gloss for half-price (equal or lesser value). Contact me directly for discount.

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